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Vision Money App and Vision Website (, collectively referred to as Vision, are software services developed and operated by Vision Software. In order to respect the privacy and protect personal data, the following statements are made regarding the online collection of user personal information, including the methods, scope, utilization, as well as the procedures for inquiry or correction:

Data Collection

You agree that Vision may collect, but is not limited to, operational information, device attributes, invoices and related consumption data, camera and photo album permissions, for the purpose of software improvement, customer management, member management and marketing, information communication management, internal statistical surveys and analysis, and the collection, processing, and utilization of personal data in accordance with legal obligations. Vision will ensure the protection of users’ personal data and rights in accordance with the law.

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

The purpose of Vision’s collection of user personal data is to conduct electronic invoice collection, record user operations within Vision, generate value-added services through statistics and analysis, and manage and market through membership.

Categories of Personal Data Collected

Identifying individuals, identifying financial assets, identifiers in government data, family situations, property, salary and withholding, security details, income, earnings, assets and investments, liabilities and expenditures, loans, foreign exchange transaction records, allowances, benefits, gifts, financial transactions.

Period and Scope of Personal Data Collection and Use (Including Region, Object, and Method)

Period: From the time you start using Vision until you voluntarily apply for termination or Vision terminates your membership agreement. However, if there are other legal requirements, they will be followed.

Region: The territory of the Republic of China and regions where Vision conducts relevant business and provides services.

Object: Vision and its affiliated enterprises and related business partners.

Method: Personal data will be processed and utilized within the specific purpose scope through the use of Vision or various activities of Vision, and shared in an anonymous data manner.

Types and Methods of Exercising Your Rights

If you are unwilling to provide the relevant personal data requested by Vision for various services or transactions and agree that Vision will collect, process, and use such personal data in accordance with legal regulations, as well as the contents of this privacy statement and related notifications, Vision will respect your decision and will not be obligated or responsible for any related performance. As a result, you may be unable to use such services or complete related transactions, and Vision reserves the right to decide whether to agree to provide such related services or complete related transactions.

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Vision Money is a financial app available on iOS and Android. It starts with setting financial goals, making budgeting simple and easy, integrating investment information across accounts, tracking asset changes, and evaluating the status of financial goal achievement.



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The Vision Money app and the Vision website ( are software services developed and operated by Vision Software, hereinafter referred to as Vision.


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