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  • Issues with the Expense Tracking Method The Expense Tracking Method, commonly known as budgeting, involves the detailed recording of daily income and expenditures, maintaining account balances, categorizing and summarizing expenses, creating budgets, controlling daily spending, and tracking financial goals. Many people have tried expense tracking, but often give up due to the following two main reasons: The Asset Tracking Method alleviates the tedious task of daily income and expenditure recording, focusing instead on the growth of assets with the core objective of achieving financial goals. Achieving financial goals in life is not about how much you spend but how much …

  • Recommend checking the table of contents first. Spreadsheet calculation of the MWRR for cash flows The Meaning of the MWRR Comparison of loan and investment programs – Application of MWRR Which bank’s loan program should I choose? I have many loans; should I choose from various alternative repayment plans offered by the bank? Choosing Between Fixed-Term Deposits and Short-Term Savings Insurance Money-Weighted Rate of Return for Financial Goals The Money-Weighted Rate of Return (MWRR) calculates the periodic rate of return that makes the present value of cash inflows and outflows zero. It can be seen as the average rate of …

  • In order to achieve one’s life dreams, financial institutions, financial media, and many financial planners emphasize the importance of financial planning. However, many individuals often face challenges in implementing their plans. Why is that? Reason 1: Unclear Goals Reason 2: Lack of Budget Planning Reason 3: Lack of Discipline How to Ensure Practical Execution of Financial Planning? Four Simple Steps and Ten Tips: Step 1: Define Financial Goals Clearly set financial goals such as homeownership, retirement savings, children’s education funds, etc. These goals should be specific, measurable, and have a time limit. Step 2: Develop an Annual Budget Financial goals …

  • Recommend checking the table of contents first. A sample set of investment return calculation transaction data Total Return Unrealized Return Arithmetic Average Return Money-Weighted Rate of Return(MWRR) Time-Weighted Rate of Return(TWRR) Investment Return Calculation Methods Comparison Application areas of Return Calculation Methods Return on investment is a crucial indicator for evaluating investment performance, but investing involves a continuous process of different transactions such as buying, selling, stock-split, and dividends. Even if the final profit amount is the same, the calculation of returns varies with different time points and investment amounts. We will illustrate the definitions, calculation methods, applicable scenarios, and …

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Vision Money is a financial app available on iOS and Android. It starts with setting financial goals, making budgeting simple and easy, integrating investment information across accounts, tracking asset changes, and evaluating the status of financial goal achievement.



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