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Vision Software, a brand founded by Daniel Tsai, introduces Vision Money as one of its products.

The mission of Vision Software is to assist the public in achieving financial goals such as future retirement and children's education.

After people allocate their income to meet living expenses, they engage in savings and investments. To successfully achieve life goals, whether it's maintaining income, controlling expenses, or reviewing and adjusting savings and investments, all three aspects are indispensable. Keeping track of finances shouldn't be limited to knowing how much is earned, spent, or saved. Now, from recording every detail, there should be a clear understanding of whether financial goals are being achieved.

I chose the brand name "Vision" because I want individuals using the software to have a clear perspective on their future financial goals at this moment. This enables them to make early changes or adjustments, rather than resorting to remedies or regrets later on.

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Vision Money is a financial app available on iOS and Android. It starts with setting financial goals, making budgeting simple and easy, integrating investment information across accounts, tracking asset changes, and evaluating the status of financial goal achievement.




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